My main roles include writing and producing music for the Australian pop music industry, as well as performing live shows and touring with bands / solo artists.

My side roles include writing, creating YouTube content, photography, and complaining about bad technology and design. Especially Apple.

I am kind of a dork. I love all things dorky. Science fiction, politics, economics, Futurama, comic books, Disney... Catch me on a good day and I'll talk for hours about any of the above. But there's nothing I love more than music. Pop to alternative and everything in between. Listening to it, feeling it, thinking about it, learning from it, writing and arranging it, producing it, performing it, and then doing it all over again.

Since moving from Perth to Sydney in 2012, I have been fortunate enough to have landed in the middle of a bustling pop-music scene, and to have started my own busy recording studio in the heart of the Sydney urban landscape that is Kings Cross.

I look forward to every day that I can better understand people, create music I love, and work with amazing artists along their journey.